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Thoughts on the Hunger Games Movie

Thoughts on the Hunger Games Movie

No, not Catching Fire—I haven’t seen that one yet. It actually took me a long time to be even a little interested in seeing The Hunger Games. I loved the book, but am historically disappointed in movies adapted from books. I know, I know, different mediums, different artists—but it’s very hard for me to separate the … Continue reading

Dystopian novels: the new “paranormal romance”?

Maybe it’s just me (please God let it not be just me), but I don’t get the whole “paranormal romance” thing that started with Twilight. The fact that bookstores have a section labeled “paranormal romance” kinda bugs me. I find it to be a rather insipid genre, which I also blame on Twilight. Then again, most … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Funnies: Reading Slowly

Are you a slow reader or a fast reader? With me, it depends. Sometimes it can take me forever just to get through a sentence, and sometimes I can read 100 pages an hour. Of course, the way the book is written is usually the deciding factor (i.e. Suzanne Collins’ writing versus Stephen King’s writing versus … Continue reading

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is yet another recommendation from Nicole. It’s a young adult book, so I was somewhat skeptical (Twilight is young adult, after all) but from what I had heard, from Nicole and others, it was worth a read. So when I saw it in BC’s bookstore last week, I bought it. The Hunger … Continue reading

Reading Update #7

Just finished The Girl Who Played With Fire today. Whew. That one was definitely a page-turner right up until the end. I’ll be posting about it in a day or two. I also bought The Hunger Games on a whim today, so I’ll hopefully be starting that soon (in addition to The Girl Who Kicked … Continue reading