About The Blog

I decided during the summer of 2010 that I wanted to read every single book on the list “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.” I’d always sort of wanted to have some kind of project like that, and finally decided I was going to do it. For most of my life I’ve been reading pretty aimlessly with no real goals in mind, and while that’s fine, I wanted to get down to reading the classics and wanted to feel accomplished when I did it. So I chose this list.

As this blog has progressed, it’s pretty much just turned into me reviewing the books I’ve read, on The List or not. As such, I’ve decided that I’m going to be doing a few projects at a time on this blog, including The List and, now, my goal to get through all of Stephen King’s published works (love him). I’ve already read quite a few of those, but I’ll have to reread most in order to give a good review. You can navigate to either list from the “Projects” sidebar.

The “Recommendations” tab is for books that others have recommended to me, whether they are friends in real life or just people who have stumbled across my blog. I am always open to recommendations, so feel free to post one, and I’ll put it on my list!

About The New Title: I changed my blog’s title and URL to “No Thanks, I’d Rather Read” because a) I’ve been bored with “Bridget’s Books” for a long time and b) I feel like the words “no thanks, I’d rather read” have definitely escaped my lips on more than one occasion. It’s my MO, so to speak, and has been for most of my life.

“Hey, want to go to the park?”
6-year-old me: “No thanks, I’d rather read.” 

“Hey, want to go to the movies?”
13-year-old me: “No thanks, I’d rather (stay in and) read.”

“Hey, want to go to a party tonight?”
College-aged me: “No thanks, I’d rather read.” 

This change is not only for me; it’s also for any of you out there who have found yourself saying those same words when faced with the choice between going out and socializing or cuddling up with a good book. For anyone who’s thought they were weird because they’d prefer to lose themselves in a book than get lost in a bar…this is for you.


5 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. Liking your blog already. It sounds like we have very similar goals actually! I also have a copy of “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die” and would love to get through them all… although I’ve not even ticked off a quarter of them yet. I’ve probably not read even a 16th of them yet!

    I also would LOVE to read all of Stephen King’s backlist, but suspect that this is wishful thinking. I’ve read about 25 of them but have a long way to go!

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