About The Blogger


Hi! My name is Bridget and I am addicted to books. I’ve been reading anything and everything I can get my hands on–cereal boxes, instruction manuals, newspapers, and sometimes even actual books–for as long as I can remember. Books hold a tremendous value for me, both intellectual and emotional, and I love discussing them with people, hence the blog!

Favorite/Non-Favorite Authors

Some of my favorite authors are Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Jane Austen, C. S. Lewis, H. G. Wells, and Ray Bradbury (I apparently also have a thing for authors who use the “first initial, middle initial, last name” format). Authors I dislike and/or believe are highly overrated include William Faulkner and Jonathan Safran Foer, but I reserve most of my unadulterated hatred for the one and only James Joyce. But this is a happy blog, so we try not to talk about him at the risk of flying into an incoherent rage.


Cheesy pop music and long walks on beaches, brand new books and motivational speeches, the season of autumn and all that it brings, these are a few of my favorite things…no, seriously, they are. Clearly, The Sound of Music is one of my favorite things as well. Other favorite things include card games (especially euchre), my fiancé Andrew, Goldfish (the crackers, not the animal), tap dancing, grammar, my Honda CR-V, Boston, painting my nails, flip flops, bright colors, and Apple products. Non-favorite things: Mondays, video games, pants that drag on the ground (which for me is most pants, since I’m short AND have short legs), laundry, Manhattan, running, styrofoam, Baltimore, and being late.

Other Stuff

I’m 24, and I live in Maryland with the aforementioned fiancé, who is a dental student. I am a Community Director with the March of Dimes, which means I raise lots of money to help babies. 🙂 I grew up on Long Island and graduated from Boston College in 2011 with a degree in Linguistics and Communications. I would love one day to get paid to write book reviews, but who wouldn’t?

Anyway, feel free to poke around or leave me a comment here or on the contact page. I’d love to hear from you!


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