Flashback: It – Stephen King.

Ahh, I just read It again for the first time in forever. Such an incredible book. Since I’m lazy and don’t have a new review today, enjoy my old review of It. 🙂

No Thanks, I'd Rather Read

It, like The Shining, was one of my first Stephen King novels. This one, however, I read despite the warnings of my mother, who said it was “a stupid book.” But I was curious, and at that point in my life I loved big, thick books (this one is over 1,000 pages)—so I read it anyway. And I absolutely loved it.

The story is ridiculously complex, but at the same time rather simple: seven kids, six boys and one girl, become friends in the summer of 1958 during a spree of child abductions in their town, Derry, Maine. Only Richie, Bill, Eddie, Beverly, Mike, Stan, and Ben know who (or what) is really behind these abductions—and they make it their personal mission to fight It. This story is interwoven with chapters of their adult lives, and the consequences they experience when Mike, the only one who stayed behind…

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