2011 in Review: The Gunslinger – Stephen King

So…it’s just come to my attention that I have forgotten to write about The Gunslinger. Oops. Bad me. I finished it months ago and I don’t remember a lot about it so this is going to be a short review.

Anyway, maybe it’s because it took me so long, but this is another one that I didn’t really “get.” I only really read it during lunch at work, and only a few times a week, so it took me forever and it was hard to keep the story in my head. Basically this guy chases this other guy across the desert and once in a while stops and talks to other people and reminisces about other stuff that happened to him. About halfway through he picks up this little boy who comes with him, and they search for the “man in black” together.

So yeah, I didn’t particularly find it exciting or engaging but maybe that’s just because it was only the first book in the series. If I want to reach my Stephen King goal I’ll have to read the rest of them anyway, and I should probably do it sooner rather than later so I don’t totally forget what The Gunslinger was about.

Someone who likes The Dark Tower series, please enlighten me. I know it’s supposed to be a sort of Lord of the Rings epic deal set in some alternate universe’s “wild west,” or something like that. What makes you love it? Did you get more into it as you read more of it? Was The Gunslinger hard for you to get through too, or was it just me?

Rating: ♥♥♥


2 thoughts on “2011 in Review: The Gunslinger – Stephen King

  1. I enjoyed The Dark Tower series — parts of it I loved and parts of it left me a little meh, but overall it’s really good. I think what’s interesting as a reader is that it was written over what — 25, 30 years??

    Because of that, the books really have different “feels” to them. I liked the dreamy feel of THE GUNSLINGER, but I agree that as a standalone book, it left me a little wanting. The successive books up to WIZARD & GLASS are cohesive and then there’s a big break between that and the last three, which I think of as a different group. W&G was my favorite.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head with the word “dreamy.” I think that’s why I didn’t totally get it–I wasn’t really sure what was “reality” (especially when it came to that boy who was dead but not dead? Or something?) and I don’t like not knowing what’s real. Also a lot of it was just weird and disturbing.

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